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Bridging Fintech and DeFi
in a compliant and secure way

Enable your customers to access high yield DeFi products in a single API

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Our products

DeFi Yields API

Offer your customers access to high yield accounts, through a single API

Corporate Treasury

High yield treasury accounts for businesses

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Crypto Rewards

Reward your customers in crypto when they spend, auto-invest spare change and run promotional airdrops

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What makes us special

Global API

We bring the best of DeFi into a single API, so you can focus on distribution and making a better product for your customers. We are global and can scale into new geographies with you

Designed for developers

We abstract away all the complexities of crypto. Our APIs are designed to be integrated in under 1 hour. We handle accounts and ledgering, so you can focus on building a rich UX for your customers

Compliant and Secure

We take care of global compliance, regulatory approvals and licenses, so you can spend your time scaling your product. We encrypt your data and use sandboxed environments in a trusted cloud infrastructure. We only work with over-collateralized, secure, and audited DeFi protocols and have robust monitoring in place


We work with on-chain insurance providers to protect your customers’ deposits against smart contract risks. We only work with vetted, trusted protocols to minimize counterparty risks, so you are protected against defaults

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Our vision is to bring global, decentralized payments infrastructure to the next billion people across the world